Architectural project

el-Atlal’s main ongoing project is the construction of a site dedicated to housing artists, researchers and writers.

We collaborate on this project with architecture studio AAU ANASTAS, a structure based in Palestine and whose aim is to work and innovate with local know-how and materials.

The project designed by the architects takes the form of six cut-stone dunes which will host spaces of work, creation and residence. The place is intended to be as open as possible, with fluid transitions between indoor spaces and outdoor landscapes. The layout of the dunes leaves room for an interior garden which will function as an orchard, a vegetable garden and a place to unwind, much like an oasis.

The structural and thermic properties of the local stone are particularly adapted to the space of Jericho; building with stone is an essential feature of Palestinian heritage. Yet, these practices are progressively disappearing from the local architectural landscape. Which is why it seems all the more important to us to perpetuate these practices through an innovative architecture based on the newest digital techniques of simulation and manufacturing.


In December 2016, thanks to the 2015 crowdfunding led by el-Atlal, to the support of Campus France and the French General Consulate in Jerusalem (Al-Maqdissi grant) and to additional funding provided by SCALES and GSA (Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture), we were able to build a stone dune prototype on our lot, in order to test the properties of the building and the architectural and engineering process. The dune can now be used by el-Atlal and its future residents, although it cannot accommodate them yet.


photographie ©Mikaela Burstow for AAU ANASTAS